Confused about healthy eating?

Let Quantum Vegan demystify your diet!

With all the conflicting health information out there, do you find yourself asking:

  • Which foods are healthy?
  • What substitutions can I make to improve my diet?
  • How do I cook healthy meals that my family will enjoy?
  • What, exactly, should I eat?

Quantum Vegan teaches you how to make healthier choices that last a lifetime. You’ll learn to prepare delicious plant-based foods that fit your budget and your lifestyle, support ongoing wellness and make you feel great!

Ready to transform your health? Book a Power-Up Prep Session today! We’ll get on the phone and set up the perfect plan for your lifestyle.

The Quantum Vegan Difference

As a trained wellness consultant and a graduate of Bauman College, my mission is to bring knowledge of the health benefits of a whole-foods, plant-based diet—a diet that contains no animal products, few processed foods and little or no oil—to people of all ages, professions and walks of life.

Quantum Vegan is available for talks, workshops and wellness classes. Find out how I can bring positive lifestyle changes to your organization!

Plant-Based Diet vs. Healthy Vegan Diet

Many vegan diets rely on processed meat and cheese substitutes, refined flour products and added oils. A truly plant-based diet centers around whole grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds to give your body the nutrients it needs to support optimal health.

Your body was uniquely designed by God, and taking care of it is the foundation on which you can build a lifestyle of wellness. Stop the cycle of fad diets and take control of your health with Quantum Vegan.

What people are saying about Quantum Vegan wellness consulting:

I learned a lot about my diet habits while I worked with Sam to create new ones.  Sam has a lot of knowledge when it comes to healthy eating habits.  I trust Sam with any personal questions I have about what I eat.  Eating healthy at any age is a good way to prevent disease later on.  Sugar is at an unhealthy level in our society today.  Sam recommended healthy substitutes and provided great recipes.    She also helped me see that my dairy intake was high and that I should be drinking more water.  Thanks Sam!